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Skip Your Auto Payment

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When you need extra cash for life’s unexpected moments, our auto loan Skip a Payment service can help. Put the extra funds towards what you need now and get back to paying your auto loan next month.

 Is Skip A Payment right for you?

Deferring a payment will result in higher total finance charges than if payments were made as originally scheduled and will extend the term of your loan.

If you have a GAP claim, the coverage may be reduced by the deferred payment amount, and you may owe a balance. The coverage will not extend beyond the loan's original maturity date.

If you previously elected Credit Life and/or Disability Insurance, those premiums must be paid during the extended term months for benefits to continue.
Skip One Auto Payment Per Year
  • Skip a maximum of five payments during the life of your loan.

Basic Requirements to Skip an Auto Loan Payment
  • Only auto loans in good standing qualify.
  • Any owned SCCU savings and checking account(s) must  be in good standing.
  • Must have made at least six auto loan payments.
  • Auto loan remaining balance must be at least $5,000.

 $25 Service Charge
  • Pay using an SCCU account or a debit/credit card.